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Salsa Classes with professional dancers

Salsa Classes with professional dancers

Frecuency: Daily
Pick Up time: 10:00am, 2:00pm and 4:00pm
Type: Private
Duration: 2 hrs
Currency: USD
Clothes: Casual dress
Remember: Comfortable shoes and clothing

Salsa Classes... with professional dancers!

These classes can start at your preference schedule according the times below.

Anything can be used to make music in Cuba: Two pieces of wood, an empty box, a tire rim are enough to trigger an irresistible rhythm, anywhere and at any time, on the bus, on the beach or in the streets. There are top classical music composers and interpreters, but it is the popular music, a fusion of the Spanish melodies and the African rhythm, that it is the essence of Cuba. The success of the mambo and cha-cha-cha in the 1950s was followed by the worldwide popularity of son, rumba and salsa. Dance, is also an essential part of the life in Cuba. No-one stays seated when the music starts: feet and hands start to move with the rhythm, and bodies sway and rock.

Salsa is dance music which maintains the rhythmic structure of son while adding new sounds borrowed from jazz and other Latin American genres.

  • Salsa Classes for 2 hrs.
  • Private professional dancer.
  • Adicional hours (Avalaible for: 15 USD per hour).
  • Tips to local teacher (Recommended Tips according the service received).
  • Something not mentioned before.

Salsa Classes with professional dancers

From: 35 USD

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